Unusual Ways To Advertise Your Business

Gone are the days when you could just advertise your new homeware or furniture collection on the Sunday newspaper and find many new loyal customers. People these days barely even buy newspapers. Fifty years ago, if you had to start and run a successful business all you had to do was work hard and stay dedicated and somehow your business would flourish but today, growing a business isn’t that simple. Our technology has advanced so much and in turn we as human beings have access to a massive amount of information readily available at the press of a button. While this is highly beneficial and many people even do their college degrees online, we now do not get excited by much because we feel like we have seen it all. This is why as business owners of the twenty first century, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to advertise our business and brand in hopes that it will attract the attention of anyone and everyone. So read below to learn about some of these unusual ways you can market your business to help it grow.

Advertising on apps

You now have the option of creating an ad for your business using your mobile phone and then using this ad to advertise your business across various social media platforms. For example, if you are a designer you can contact a fashion PR firm Sydney to help you with this. Their trained professionals can give you great advice and tips on how to create adverts like a pro and the best part is that you can easily pay for these ads through your mobile phone and then also track the engagement received.


It is right to say that social media is taking over the world. Everyone is constantly bent over staring at their phone screens day and night these days, so it has also become a great and innovative way to advertise your business. You can first create a website for your business and take high quality photos of all your products and set your site up so that your customers can shop online. Then, you can contact a right social media marketing agency and hire a social media marketing agent who can then help you create and manage social media accounts for your brand. They can also help promote your brand for you by watching brands similar to yours, finding out what their audience likes and enjoys. Next the marketing agent along with you and your team can discuss ideas and come up with strategies that can help grow your brand. You can also get your team together, brainstorm and come up with an idea for a viral video. Nothing grows a business faster than a viral video these days!